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    Let's play a fun little game together! Who can hold off cumming for the longest amount of time? You watch me play with myself while I watch porn.The only rule is that neither of us is allowed to stop in order to cool down at any time. You MUST keep touching yourself. When you're done comment and let me know who won
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    Welcome to your tarot reading, you want to know your future? want to know about your wife? ..... choose three of these cards .... ahhhhhhhhh but I see that your wife is having fun with 2 guys .... I do not feel bad because I see that the problem is your small penis. ..... but let's see what you can do ... I can certainly give you some advice .....(Video in english)Don't Forget to Visit my site
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    You belong on the floor, as low as you can go. You don't belong high up with superior people but on your hands and knees or even belly! A pathetic, weak little fuck like you needs to learn what it means to call the floor your home. While hot women like me are stomping all over you from above you're cowering on the floor where you eat, s.leep, and live! You're such a little pervy creature that you enjoy it deep down. You love looking up from below like a pathetic loser. I might just keep you down there forever.

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